Praise for the Playwright

“Well its about time. The absurd theater similar to that of the open and living theater has finally hit the Fringe Festival. This play is not the regular boring stuff I have been watching during the festival. It is experimental, yet brilliant, witty yet dumb, fun yet heart warming. If you don’t see this show, then shame on you because the fringe may be the only place you’ll see something like this. Nina Carlin, in her cheerleader like frame is brave and her and her wild and zany misfit cast are my new theater crush. Before today I had my award winner picked, now I’m not so sure. I advise everyone surf on your dead boyfriends/girlfriends body to see this show. The Apocalypse is alive and well.”

-Benny Lumpkins official Hollywood Fringe Festival Review, June 18th, 2014 for When I Was Sacred by Nina Rose Carlin

“When I Was Sacred, like its infernal setting, bristles with bright fires here, there, everywhere… Carlin’s writing is lit by flares of incandescent wit, and under her direction characters erupt like latter-day commedia dell’arte clowns.   She also has a gift for sudden bursts of manic group activity, mocking the musical-theater trope of a troupe breaking into dance and song.”

-Mark Hein, Theatre Ghost:Hollywood Fringe Festival review, June 2014


Author: Black Widow Laughs

A new play premiering at the Hollywood Fringe Festival 2016, venue to be announced.

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